Welcome to Kainmari

A short bicycle-rickshaw ride from busy Mongla town in southern Bangladesh is the village of Kainmari.

Home to 250 families, the village is almost completely surrounded by water.

The main street is busy – cows amble past looking for new pasture and children chat noisily on their way to school.

A man whizzes by on a motorbike, while locals gather at the local teashop where steam whistles out of kettles and small glasses filled with hot tea clink onto tables.

Beyond the hustle and bustle of the village centre are the expanses of the shrimp ponds. Still, flat surfaces punctuated by narrow grass ridges that stretch into the distance, shimmering under the morning sun.

But the calm turns into chaos in cyclone season, when the people of Kainmari are threatened by unrelenting storms and thrashing rains. In recent years, the village has been hit by two big cyclones – completely devastating people’s homes and ways of making a living.

And although there’s water everywhere – finding water suitable for drinking is hard. Some people have to travel miles, or drink water from local ponds that has been contaminated by sea water.

But the people of Kainmari will do whatever it takes to secure their homes and way of life. With the help of our partner, Caritas Bangladesh, they are adapting to their changing environment, finding new ways to earn a living and preparing for future disasters.