Update from Bangladesh

CAFOD’s Bangladesh Programme Officer, Paula Nyunt, has just returned from Kainmari and sent a progress report.

The ongoing CAFOD programme is to help people prepare better for future natural disasters, given the frequency of cyclones and floods. This is a situation which climate change might make worse, even to the extent that 15% of the country might eventually be under water.

Local people are therefore being encouraged to find alternative ways of earning a living, including short term. These include people like Sabita, a smallholder, and Profulla, who runs the small grocery shop, who appear on our display board in the church north aisle.

One problem is that there was much less rain in the last monsoon season, so there is a higher salt content in the soil and crops will not grow well; duck-rearing is being encouraged as an alternative. The all-important shrimp farming is also affected, and villagers who struggle to get by have less income to spend and so the grocery suffers and needs re-stocking with different items.

Countless simple, humble yet vital projects in this community are being got off the ground with funds such as those provided by yourselves.

Large collecting box in the church porch (Gift Aid envelopes also available, alongside).