Titanic 1912-2012: Memorial Roll

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St Boniface’s church 

Richard Stephen Carr, Trimmer age 37

Robert G Smith, Steward age 30

Brooke Holding Webb, Steward age 50

Bertie Wilson, Second engineer age 28, married

H Wittman, Steward age 34, married

Sydney Frederick Stebbings, Chief Boots age 34

St Joseph’s church

Frederick Allen, Lift Steward age 17

John Bannon, Greaser age 32

Richard Baines, Greaser age 54

Edward Benville, Fireman age 42

Edward Charles Biggs, Fireman age 21

Alexander Black, Fireman age 28

Thomas Bradley, Able Seaman age 29

Joseph Dawson, Trimmer age 23

Thomas Joseph Fay, Greaser age 31

Thomas Ford, Leading Fireman age 30

Tom Hunt, Fireman age 28

James Keegan, Leading Fireman age 38, married

Tommy Kerr, Fireman / stoker age 26, married

Lewis Kinsella, Fireman age 30, married (a substitute)

William Henry Lyons, Able Seaman age 26

Edward Joseph McGarvey, Fireman age 34, married

THomas Shea, Fireman age 32

S Sullivan, Fireman age 25

James William Ward, Leading Fireman age 31

St Edmund’s church

Henry Fairall, Steward age 38

Norman Harrison, Second Engineer age 38

Luigi Gatti, Restaurant manager age 37, married, 1 child

Vincenzo Pio Gilardino, Waiter age 31

Thomas James, Fireman age 37

James McMullin, Steward age 32

Hugh Walter McElroy, Purser age 37, married

Dr William F N O’Loughlin, Doctor age 62

J Dolby, Reception Steward age 35

(Samuel) Williams, Fireman age 26, went on board using his brother’s pay book


Immaculate Conception church

William Simmons, Passenger Cook age 32, married


St Patrick’s church

John Coleman, Steerage Third Class Steward age 55, married

William Luke Duffy, Engineer writer age 36, married with children

Peter W Fletcher, Bugler age 29, married for 3 weeks

James Kelly, Fireman / stoker age 44, married with 3 sons

Catherine Walsh, Stewardess age 32, unmarried with 1 daughter

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Brooke Holding Webb, steward

Brooke Holding Webb, steward

Hugh McElroy, Purser

Thomas Hunt, fireman

Thomas Ford, fireman

Thomas Fay, greaser

Pictures courtesy David Hollingsworth, Southampton Central Library