CAFOD: Thirst for Change

Thank you if you took the G8 petition material. Our faith calls us to act – to let justice flow like a river. Every 20 seconds, a child dies because of dirty water or unsafe sanitation.

Women and girls in the poorest countries spend up to eight hours each day walking to collect water. They are robbed of a chance to earn a living, go to school, or simply spend time together as a family.

 Some facts:-

1 in 8 people around the world cannot access clean water

1.7 million deaths each year are caused by poor water and sanitation, more than all forms of violence including war

Every 20 seconds a child dies from diseases caused by poor water and sanitation

5 billion people are expected to lack safe sanitation in 2030

10 litres of water is often all the people in the poorest countries have to survive on each day

50 litres of water is flushed down the toilet each day by the average person in the UK

200 billion plastic bottles of water are consumed worldwide each year, about 31 bottles for each person on the planet

10 million litres of water are needed to fill the three London Olympic pools

10,000 temporary toilets will be installed at the Olympic Park this summer

A 5 minute shower uses more water than a person in a slum uses all day

3 years to meet the Millennium Development Goal to halve the number of people living without water and sanitation

8 world leaders have the power to turn the tide on water poverty at the G8.

More information at  or watch this video:

For this campaign, Kate O’Shea of Portswood parish is undertaking a sponsored walk of 200 miles in the Scottish Highlands in May, carrying a tent. You can send a contribution to her at Immaculate Conception office or direct on line at: