We made it!

St Boniface Foundation in Southampton have been celebrating the 50th anniversary of their founding. We are the only UCM foundation in the Southampton area and are very proud that despite our aches and pains and busy lives we manage to keep our fortnightly meetings going.

We started our celebrations with a lovely Mass, which was attended by a few friends in the parish, our members and the Diocesan officers. Months ago we realised that Fr Joe, the diocesan chaplain, and our parish priest were both unavailable to celebrate mass on the day. This crisis was averted when the local hospital chaplain, Fr Michael Cronin, agreed to celebrate the mass for us. He is a staunch UCM supporter, but did say he wouldn’t be able to take a booking yet for our 100th celebration.

Unlike many UCM foundations, we can’t boast a lot of home bakers in our numbers, so we decided to treat ourselves and have a catered high tea. It was even more relaxing because my husband and the treasurer’s daughter made sure our cups were filled and even did the washing up. What a treat!

Canon McDermot-Roe started our foundation but was unfortunately not able to attend on the day, although he sent his best wishes. Mary Brant, the first foundation secretary, is still an active member and received a certificate commemorating her 50th jubilee.

Guests came by train, bus, plane and automobile. One former member flew in from Ireland for the occasion and enjoyed the visit with old friends. A highlight of the day for guests was looking at the photos of the celebrations, outings and fundraising we’ve done through the years. This was put on display in the church after the event.

A few ladies from the parish who attended the mass have expressed an interest in joining so we may keep going for a few more years yet.

We welcome new members. We meet alternative Wednesday evenings during term time, from 7:45 to 9pm. Please email me at anndddjones@btinternet.com if you want to find out more.

Ann Jones

President, St Boniface Foundation