Going into Hospital?

It is not always understood that the demands of modern Data Protection prevent Catholic clergy from ‘touting for custom’ on hospital wards in search of possible Catholics. Catholic patients in hospital need, either themselves or through those representing them, to ask for the services of the Chaplain. This can be done by asking the ward staff to contact the Chaplaincy office, or by notifying the parish office or Father David here, and we will pass on the necessary information.
The ‘Spire’ hospital is covered by this parish; the Chaplain of the General Hospital is Fr. Joseph McNerney. When Fr. Joseph is off duty, cover is provided by the City clergy, viz:-
Fr. James Bradley, Holy Family
Fr. Jaya Praveen, St. Edmund/St.Joseph
Fr. Tomi Chirackalmanavalan,
St. Vincent de Paul
Fr. Des Connolly, St. Joseph’s Ashurst
Fr. Anthony Gatt, Immaculate Conception
Mgr. Vincent Harvey, St.Edmund/St.Joseph
Fr. Paul Lyons, St. Patrick
Fr. Gerry Onyejuluwa, St. Teresa, Totton
Fr. Paul Obada, Christ the King/St.Colman
Fr. David Sillince, St. Boniface