Happy New Year

The new year of the church, that is – the Year of Matthew’s Gospel.

Through Joseph and Mary to forgiveness in Jesus Christ

Penitental Service for Advent 2009 – “Joseph! More valiant than David and wiser than Solomon” [St. Francis de Sales]

Stay awake to stand with confidence before the Lord

Bishop Crispian’s pastoral letter for Advent 2009

Advent and Christmas at St Boniface tin church 1909-1913

Father Thomas Byrne Father Thomas Byrne, priest at St Boniface, wrote in the Catholic Magazine several pieces for the Catholic community at St Boniface, Foundry Lane, Southampton for Advent. “Christ came unto his own and His own received him not. People now don’t want Him. He is not wanted in Parliament; in society there is […]

Time is getting short

John the Baptist was the Messiah’s precursor, the one who announced the Kingdom of God to Israel and the world. We must get ready; time is getting short. We need to wake up, repent and “bear good fruit.”

What are you waiting for?

Advent is a time for waiting, a time for quiet contemplation, a time to sing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” instead of Christmas carols. We wait and remember Israel’s wait for Jesus’ birth into the world. We wait for Jesus’ coming into our hearts. We wait for his coming at the end of time. We wait.

Pastoral letter from Bishop Crispian, Advent 2008

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, As part of my celebration of this year of St Paul, I have been spending some extra time re-reading and studying the pastoral letters he wrote to the communities to whom he had preached the Gospel. It is striking that he almost always begins his letters with words of […]

Just wait

Since the beginning of time throughout all of history and across all the earth people have been waiting for the birth of a saviour. We do not wait alone.