New Missal Translation

Hail and Farewell – the New Missal Translation

Sunday Aug 28 2011 is the last to use the present translation. The revised form, which does not affect the readings, applies from Sep 4.

New Missal Translation: The Dismissal

The dismissal at Mass is not just telling us to ‘get out’ but to carry our Christian witness to the world, summing up all that has gone before.

New Missal Translation: The Breaking of the Bread

After the exchange of Peace comes the Breaking of Bread, which is one of the most important actions of the Mass although it may not seem so.

New Missal Translation: The Communion Rite and the Peace

Immediately after the Eucharistic Prayer we begin what is called the “Communion Rite” even though receiving Holy Communion is still some little way off.

New Missal Translation: The Mystery of Faith

Our acclamation of Christ: past, present and future

New Missal Translation: The Eucharistic Prayer

This is the heart of the ‘mystery’.   The early Church guarded it carefully, for initiates only.   To this day in the Byzantine liturgy the deacon chants:  “The doors!  The doors!” meaning that the doors must be watched to prevent the entry of any unbaptised – not that anyone does. Properly speaking, the Eucharistic (Thanksgiving) Prayer […]

New Missal Translation: Sanctus

The priest’s proclamation of God’s goodness, the Preface flows into the element of the Mass known as the Sanctus or Holy, holy.

New Missal Translation: Preface

The altar having been prepared with the gifts of bread and wine, we move into the second half of the Mass, beginning with the Preface of the Eucharistic Prayer.

New Missal Translation: Presentation of the Gifts

We now turn to the altar, which so far has not been the focus. It is now prepared to receive the gifts of bread and wine.

New Missal Translation: the Creed

The readings, and the homily having inspired our faith, we proclaim that faith in the Creed. Our faith is a living faith, so a formula which represents it is a symbol.