Stories and features about parish life and faith

Titanic 1912-2012: A Catholic perspective

15 April 1912 – News spreads through Southampton of a great tragedy. For the first time, news of the Catholic crew and passengers mourned by the parishes of Southampton as seen through the pages of The Southampton and Woolston Catholic Magazine

A place of peace, our Jerusalem

Do we make our church seem a place of peace, where we do not squabble with each other, and gladly let others in?

Seeing the face of Jesus

During Lent our thoughts turn towards the confession of our sins and receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Why do we do this?

See, I am doing a new deed

Bishop Crispian’s pastoral letter for Lent 2012

In him we may recognise who we are called to be

Cardinal Basil Hume, Benedictine Abbot of Ampleforth and Archbishop of Westminster from 1976, has now been dead for 13 years which is long enough to assess his legacy.

Child amid the mess

As we contemplate the chaos of the Christ child’s birth, so we are reminded of our own God-given lives, so full of outward confusion, yet so rich in God-given worth. A worth no-one can take away from us.

Bishop Crispian writes

“I wish you every blessing and pray with you now as we await the appointment of a new bishop.”

Parish Priests’ Timeline

A journey through the lives of the priests who have served our parish over the years

Theology on the Menu

The decision to reintroduce abstinence from meat on Fridays is proving rather controversial.

Hail and Farewell – the New Missal Translation

Sunday Aug 28 2011 is the last to use the present translation. The revised form, which does not affect the readings, applies from Sep 4.