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Signing off

I reach my goal, the heavenly realm, from which I send My Blessing and thank you for following me in this my ‘Year’ which now ends.

Flooded with love for Christ

You are not called to know about Christ, so much as to KNOW CHRIST

A place at the table

No reading from me this week, so your Editor has asked me for Corpus Christi to tell you about what I have written on the Eucharist.

Father, Son and Spirit

“Trinity” Sunday. Well, you won’t find that word in my letters, but I sowed some of the seeds.

Letting off steam

Back to my Second Readings today, and we have a nice list of 15 ways of behaving badly – typical!

A new creation

I was highly educated in the Jewish faith and scrupulous with regard to its traditions and practices. But then Jesus Christ caught me on the road to Damascus.

Leading the church

In my lifetime, “the Church” was something which meant little outside a particular locality. I founded “churches” and set them on their feet, but the leadership was not at all fixed.

A new creation

I am passionate about the Holy Spirit because I am passionate about Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit

Through the coming of Christ, we received a new awareness of the Holy Spirit, and that is what I present in my letters.

The Resurrection

Some of the Christians in Corinth did not believe in the bodily Resurrection of Jesus.