Intercessions May 28, 2017

INTERCESSIONS. SEVENTH SUNDAY of EASTERTIDE [A], May 28th., 2017. Priest: Let us pray for the Church and the world through Jesus Christ, who has ascended to his Father but is everywhere present in the Holy Spirit. Reader: For all Christian people, that under Christ our Teacher those who teach the faith may do so with […]

Intercessions May 21, 2017

INTERCESSIONS. SIXTH SUNDAY of EASTERTIDE [A]. May 21st., 2017. Priest: Let us pray for the Church and the world in Jesus Christ, who through the Holy Spirit is a universal presence. Reader: For the Church, that we may not hide the Gospel of Christ, but like the deacon Philip may seek occasions to make it […]

Church Timeline for 2017

A CHURCH TIMELINE for 2017AD 17AD – Jesus is (probably) aged 21 and has thus received the keys of the carpenter’s shop. 117 AD – Date of the earliest known Gospel manuscript, a fragment of John chapter 18, now in the Rylands University Library, Manchester. 217AD – The first known Antipope (there would be 37 […]

We want an answer

Four cardinals, headed by Cardinal Raymond Burke, a forceful person with a love of elaborate and semi-archaic liturgical dress, have written a letter to the Pope demanding clarifications over his recent ‘Apostolic Exhortation’ Amoris Laetitia, where, they feel, certain statements do not concur with previous Papal teachings. There is no prize for guessing that these […]

Being meaningful

[from the “US Catholic Investigator”, reproduced by permission] ‘We all know the life of a Catholic priest can sometimes be very stressful, but here is a warning from Father Hank Doode (53), parish priest of Flashville, Minnesota. Father Hank is so concerned he has bravely bared his soul and told us his story more or […]

AC or DC

The fire brigade, police and ambulance all had to be summoned to last Sunday’s 11am Mass in St. Philomena’s Church, Sparksfield, W. Yorkshire, when two worshippers were electrocuted as a result of touching the altar rails. Father Jerome Retroe, aged 25, was in the process of receiving Holy Communion, while celebrating Mass in the Tridentine […]

I’m terribly sorry

Surprise has been expressed that the German Catholic bishops have just called Martin Luther – who started the Reformation, called for Jewish homes and synagogues to be burned, and inspired the deadly Peasants’ War – a “Gospel witness and teacher of the faith”. That is only the tip of the iceberg. The St. Boniface Catholic […]

The Sanctuary

St Boniface Redecorated

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The Union of Catholic Mothers’ Italian Meal

  The Union of Catholic Mothers enjoy a summer  meal in an Italian restaurant. Please look at the Autumn term’s newsletter via the link given. UCM 66 colour_v3

The Renovations at St Boniface’s Dome

After the storm which blew in one of the windows around the dome, a great deal of repair work has been needed. At first we thought one window would have to be replaced, but now we find work  is needed on all the windows in the dome. They have been removed for conservation and strengthening. […]