St Boniface Redecorated

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The Union of Catholic Mothers’ Italian Meal

  The Union of Catholic Mothers enjoy a summer  meal in an Italian restaurant. Please look at the Autumn term’s newsletter via the link given. UCM 66 colour_v3

The Renovations at St Boniface’s Dome

After the storm which blew in one of the windows around the dome, a great deal of repair work has been needed. At first we thought one window would have to be replaced, but now we find work  is needed on all the windows in the dome. They have been removed for conservation and strengthening. […]

Our 16th Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Throughout September we will be collecting boxes of toys and gifts,  for children living in Albania, Moldova and those living on the rubbish tips of Manila in the Philippines via the Rotary Club.This is our 16th year and so far we have sent 7.000 boxes to children who have never received a gift and for […]

Congratulations, Father David !

Fr David celebrates the 25th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood on June 30th 2015.

Are Catholics wrong (27 & last)

ARE CATHOLICS WRONG? (27) Is the Catholic Church really THE Church? THE Church can only be one, as it is Christ’s foundation. If it is divided, that is due to human fault. The classic “marks of the Church” are that it is: one, holy, catholic and apostolic. “Apostolic” can be taken in a broad sense, […]

Are Catholics wrong (26)

ARE CATHOLICS WRONG? (26) Why do Catholics have ‘Mass Intentions’? Isn’t that ‘buying grace’? Offering a sum of money to a priest who says a Mass for a certain intention is likely to have most Reformers climbing up the curtains. Isn’t this the old business of selling indulgences which so enraged Martin Luther some 500 […]

Are Catholics wrong (25)

ARE CATHOLICS WRONG? (25) Catholics are always crossing themselves. Why? The making of the Sign of the Cross is one of the most ancient of Christian prayerful gestures, reminding us that we are baptised into Christ (when the sign was first made over us), and that we are redeemed by Christ’s self-sacrifice. Evangelicals don’t do […]

Are Catholics wrong (24)

ARE CATHOLICS WRONG? (24) “Catholics don’t read the Bible” When the 25th. and final session of the Council of Trent ended on December 4, 1563, the Fathers present passed decrees on a range of matters including Purgatory, nuns, the need for bishops to have “modest furniture and a frugal diet”. The Cardinal of Lorraine ended […]

Are Catholics wrong (23)

ARE CATHOLICS WRONG? (23) Does Mary really redeem us, along with Christ? St. Augustine, talking about the worship due to God and the veneration due to the saints, said: “However, what we teach is one thing; what we tolerate another”. There is such a thing as ‘popular piety’. When it comes to Mary, it is […]