Going into hospital?

The hospital chaplaincy supports patients and staff across Southampton Hospitals, led by Fr Michael Cronin. We provide spiritual and pastoral care for patients, visitors and staff so people can begin to find strength and support during their time in hospital. The chaplaincy team is supported by volunteers who transport patients to mass and take Communion to patients and pray with them at their bedside.

Mass is available in the General Hospital chapel at 4.30pm on Sundays. Priests and chaplains from across the city also visit the Royal South Hants, Princess Anne and Countess Mountbatten House on Sunday mornings and see patients for prayers and Communion.


It is now more difficult for priests to get information if you are going into hospital because of patient confidentiality.

Chaplains won’t hear about your stay in hospital unless they are told – ward staff won’t tell them unless you ask them to.

I am due to go into hospital

If you know you are going into hospital and would like a member of the Chaplaincy Team to visit you, download the form below. Give the left-hand part to your parish priest and keep the right-hand part to give to the ward staff when you are admitted to hospital.

‘Going into hospital’ form
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What if I am taken into hospital as an emergency?

Remember to let your relatives know your wishes concerning visits from a chaplain if you are taken into hospital unexpectedly. They can then notify the Chaplaincy Department if that happens.

Tell the nursing staff on the ward know that you are Catholic and would like a visit from the chaplain or your parish priest.


The Chaplaincy Department, Mailpoint 201, D Level, Southampton General Hospital, S016 6YD
Telephone 023 8079 6745 or 023 8079 8517
Email chaplaincy@suht.swest.nhs.uk
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