Welcome to St Boniface, the Catholic church in Freemantle and Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire. Our red brick church, with its bell tower, is a prominent feature on Shirley High Street.

We offer a range of activities from coffee mornings to a flourishing youth club and work with other churches in Shirley to respond to the social needs of our area.

Fr David Sillince, Parish Priest

Masses and Services

  • Sat 6.30pm
  • Sun 8.30am
  • Sun 10.30am
  • Mon-Sat 10.00am
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How to find us

413 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
SO15 3JD (map)

Telephone 023 8077 1231

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News and Notes

Newsletter for 25 February 2018
He was transfigured
Fr David Sillince's homily for 2nd Sunday of Lent, Year B
Sunday reading notes for 25 February 2018
Weekday reading notes for week beginning 19 February 2018

What's new

Intercessions February 25, 2018

INTERCESSIONS. 2nd. SUNDAY of LENT [B]. February 25th., 2018. Priest: Let us pray for the Church and the world in the name of the transfigured Christ, who, through the chosen apostles Peter, James and John, allows us to share in his divine light. Reader: For our Christian life, that we may be transfigured through attention […]

Intercessions February 18, 2018

INTERCESSIONS. FIRST SUNDAY of LENT [B], February 18th., 2018. Priest: Let us pray for the Church and the world through Jesus Christ, who in the words of Cardinal Newman “leads us out of shadows and images into the fullness of truth”. Reader: For all Christians, that we may not succumb to living in a fantasy […]

Year of Ovid 2018

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK This year is the 2000th, anniversary of the death of Publius Ovidius Naso, better known to the world as the Roman poet Ovid, one of the ‘mighty three’ along with his slightly older contemporaries Virgil and Horace. All rose to prominence under the first Roman Emperor, Augustus; Virgil died in 19BC, […]

Catenian Bursaries

YOUNG CATHOLICS aged 16 to 24: The Catenian Association, which is very active in this Diocese and city, offers Bursaries to young Catholics within this age range for projects associated with their Christian faith; within this Diocese £30,000 has recently been so offered. Projects include assisting with the disabled young people’s Easter pilgrimage to Lourdes, […]

Southampton General Hospital

IN HOSPITAL? It is not always understood that the demands of modern Data Protection prevent Catholic clergy from ‘touting for custom’ on hospital wards in search of possible Catholics. Catholic patients in hospital need, either themselves or through those representing them, to ask for the services of the Chaplain. This can be done by asking […]

Church Timeline for 2018

A CHURCH TIMELINE for 2018AD 18AD – Jesus is (probably) aged 22 and has no doubt thought up ever more baffling questions and answers. 118 AD – Opening of the Pantheon in Rome, the ‘Temple of the Gods’, now the church of St. Mary and the Martyrs. 218AD – Persecution of Christians in Rome by […]