Welcome to St Boniface, the Catholic church in Freemantle and Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire. Our red brick church, with its bell tower, is a prominent feature on Shirley High Street.

We offer a range of activities from coffee mornings to a flourishing youth club and work with other churches in Shirley to respond to the social needs of our area.

Masses and Services

  • Sat 6.30pm
  • Sun 8.30am
  • Sun 10.30am
  • Mon-Sat 10.00am
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How to find us

413 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton
SO15 3JD (map)

Telephone 023 8077 1231

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News and Notes

Newsletter for 15 September 2019
Make your way to the lowest place
Fr David Sillince's homily for the 22nd. Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C
Sunday reading notes for 8 September 2019
Weekday reading notes for week beginning 9 September 2019

What's new

Intercessions September 1, 2019

INTERCESSIONS. 22nd. SUNDAY in ORDINARY TIME [C], September 1st., 2019. Priest: Let us pray, for the Church and the world through Jesus Christ, who stripped himself of glory to accept his Cross. Reader: For the Church, that Christians, who are called by the letter to the Hebrews “citizens of heaven”, may represent that state in […]

Enter into the joy of your Lord

A leaving homily from Father David, based on the Parable of the Talents (Saturday of week 21 [I]) Recently at my favourite Southampton cinema I saw a film about two families who escaped from East Germany to the West in a hot-air balloon. Even though one knew the outcome (they succeeded, though not at the […]

Intercessions August 25, 2019

INTERCESSIONS. 21st. SUNDAY in ORDINARY TIME [C]. August 25th., 2019 Priest: Let us pray for the Church and the world, through Jesus Christ, who seeks to drive away a spirit of complacency. Reader: For the Church, that as Christians we may be loyal: to the Gospel, to our faith tradition, to our families, friends and […]

A Church timeline for 2019

A CHURCH TIMELINE for 2019AD 19AD – Jesus (probably) aged 23 grows in wisdom if not stature. 119 AD – Hadrian (Emperor 117-138) says Christians must not be sought out but only prosecuted for specific, provable, offences. 219AD – The effeminate and possibly insane Emperor Heliogabalus persecutes Christians to divert attention away from his unpopular […]

A Poem for November

Here is a poem for November, the Month of the Dead. It is a vast improvement on some of the mawkish stuff we get presented with. It is by the Polish poet ZBIGNIEW HERBERT who died in 1998, and was, believe it or not, a descendant of our own national poet-priest George Herbert, who was […]

Confused? Jumblied?

The Jumblies. A parable for our “distracted times”, both in Church and in State. Enjoy …. The Jumblies BY EDWARD LEAR I They went to sea in a Sieve, they did, In a Sieve they went to sea: In spite of all their friends could say, On a winter’s morn, on a stormy day, In […]